Delivering outcomes that matter


increase in on-site engagement with optimized content


improvement in average spend for on-site conversions


increase in organic rankings with optimized content

Areas of expertise

Editorial calendar content planning

We know you're busy. Let us help you create editorial calendars that will keep you organized for the year.

Copywriting with search optimization

The planning is done but additional help is needed in copywriting? We write and align blogs, newsletters, video scripts and more with the correct search intent.

Case study development

Success means something different to each customer. We help all the way from developing a case study program to capturing your customers' story.

Content repurposing

Maximize your ROI, improve organic search results and reach new audiences on all channels by extending the life of your existing content.

Buyer journey mapping

Personalized buyer journey recommendations, creation of key personas and pain points to deliver a better customer experience.

Sales enablement content

Equip sales teams with relevant marketing collateral and communications such as brochures.

Third-party review sites

SaaS page research, planning, and optimization to attract more leads and outperform the competition.

Campaign and launch planning

From planned to impromptu campaign requirements, we are here every step of the way to support your goals.

Social media content calendar

Your social media calendar should help you track content across every social media platform. We organize and write your content.

Communications for internal purposes

Creation of content for job descriptions, intranet, employee surveys and community channels.

Content marketing to enhance
digital custom engagement

We believe that creating customer-obsessed digital experiences starts with well researched and optimized content across the entire buyer's journey. Plan, produce, distribute, and analyze your content marketing performance —all in one place and with one dedicated team.

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Growth propelled by
content marketing experiences

We believe that strong content underpins everything. Position your business as a subject matter expert across all content types.

  • Establish and amplify industry thought leadership
  • Generate market demand through educational content
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Prioritizing content outcomes > output

How we deliver

Clear goals and KPIs

We help you create digital experiences that create deeper connections by defining clear goals and KPIs. Mick-Mar understands the importance of nuance and sweats detail.

Performance driven

Great agencies and resources are hard to find. Mick-Mar brings the quality, accountability and results you can count on.

Reliable expertise

We assemble teams of the best agency and consulting talent, united by their sector expertise to deliver stunning results using our tried and tested methodologies. We meet deadlines so you can deliver on yours.

Up-skilling teams

Our collaborative approach and willingness to share knowledge is exemplified by the training we offer to clients we work with.

Experience Mick-Mar

Founded in 2008, Mick-Mar has evolved to a digital marketing agency that specializes in content marketing. As your strategic partner, we help empower marketers, agencies, and businesses to make meaningful customer connections. We value diversity, equity, and inclusion, and we believe the best ideas can come from anywhere. We work hard and solve big problems - success requires grit and resilience. Partner with us and let's raise the bar on customer connection with content performance.

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